TW Liu of iSoftStone Awarded the title of “Excellent Representative of Hubei Merchants”

Recently Hubei Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce has conferred the title of “Excellent Representative of Hubei Merchants” upon TW Liu, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), to honor his contributions to this province.

TW Liu was born in Hubei Province. In 2001, Mr. Liu founded iSoftStone and developed the Company into a leading innovative software and IT software service provider through 16 years of efforts. Today, iSoftStone has grown into an international company with nearly 170 branches and 33 delivery centers in 66 cities across the world as well as nearly 40,000 employees.

Up to now, iSoftStone has served over 1,000 customers at home and abroad in more than 10 major industries, among which over 90 are the world’s top 500. It also has completed the strategic layout of smart city in over 150 cities in China, benefiting customers from different cities, industries and enterprises. Under the leadership of Mr. Liu, iSoftStone has engaged in social welfare and charity undertakings, intending to become an enterprise citizen full of responsibilities and solve social difficulties for the government, enterprises and the public through coordinated innovation and advanced technologies. Therefore, the Company has picked up the Annual Responsibility Brand Award for two years in a row.  

The prosperity of Hubei Province cannot be separated from its Merchants. In recent years, Hubei Province has set out on a new journey. It has been striving to turn itself into an important pivot to support the rise of Central China in a faster pace and go ahead of the rest of the country in the way of transforming economic growth. Mr. TW Liu, as Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone, the first head of Jingmen Chu Merchants Association (the Association) and Executive Vice President of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Beijing never ceases to call on all parties to give a hand to the development of this province. Currently, iSoftStone has established branches in Wuhan, Xiangyang, Jingmen and Jingshan of Hubei Province with a workforce of almost 20,000. All these have greatly contributed to the transformation and upgrading of local industries, talents introduction, job creation and the development of relevant industries.

In addition to economic values creation, iSoftStone has played a positive role in technology benefiting people, innovation and business startup, healthcare, social welfare and charity donation. In August 2016, Jingmen was attacked by a heavy rainfall. Mr. Liu immediately organized iSoftStone to make donations to the disaster-hit area and called on the Association to offer relief assistance. To follow the initiative of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Jingmen Maker Space jointly established by iSoftStone and the Management Committee of Jingmen Hi-tech Zone organized and financed various competitions regarding innovation and business startup for the undergraduates. In March 2017, iSoftStone Smart Journey” was carried out to bring in technological innovation services in Jingshan, Hubei Province.    

As a Hubei Entrepreneur, Mr. Liu has always been devoted to returning the hometown by using the innovative technologies. Against the background of deeper reform and opening up and growing digital economy, Mr. Liu is leading iSoftStone to boost the development of Hubei Province and provide services of digital transformation for cities, industries and enterprises in different areas.